37th Congress of the French Theoretical Biology Society


Poitiers, June 26-29 2017

The French Theoretical Biology Society (Société Francophone de Biologie Théorique, SFBT) organises its 37th meeting in Poitiers (France) June 26-29 2017. The aim of the meeting is to present and discuss research at the interface between mathematics and biology and to open new perspectives.

The registration fee will be 100 Euros. The reduced registration fee for students and for members of the SFBT will be 50 Euros.

Registration and payment (36 Euros) for the banquet (which will take place Tuesday 27th at the hotel Altéora) can be done with the online form.

Confirmed invited lecturers:

Vivien Aubert (Rennes)
Thierry Colin (Bordeaux)
Pierluigi Colli (Pavia, Italy)
Jacques Demongeot (Grenoble and IUF)
Jan Elias (Paris)
Maurizio Grasselli (Milan, Italy)
Albert Goldbeter (Brussels, Royal Academy of Sciences)
Ulysse Herbach (INRIA, Lyon)
Marcelle Kaufman (Brussels, Royal Academy of Sciences)
Virginie Le Rolle (Rennes)
Tiphaine Obara (Nancy)
Elisabetta Rocca (Pavia, Italy)
Evariste Sanchez-Palencia (Paris, CNRS and Academy of Sciences)
Olivier Saut (INRIA, Bordeaux)
Sylvain Sené (Marseille)
Alexandre Vidal (Evry)

Scientific Committee

J. Demongeot (Grenoble), J.-P. Françoise (Paris 6), R. Guillevin (Poitiers),
M. Kaufman (Bruxelles), A. Miranville (Poitiers), R. Thomas (Paris)


H. Biermé (LMA), L. Cherfils (LaSIE, La Rochelle), J. Dambrine (LMA), R. Guillevin (CHU Poitiers),
A. Miranville (LMA, Chair), M. Petcu (LMA), Ph. Rogeon (LMA), P. Vanhaecke (LMA)