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The XIXth STAMM of the ISIMM (International Society for the Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics) will take place in Poitiers from September 8 to 11, 2014. The program of the workshop consists of invited lectures, short communications, and posters. Consistent with the aims of ISIMM, mathematical modelling will be at the focus. The formulation and analysis of problems issued from physics, engineering and other disciplines will be welcome. We encourage participants to submit abstracts.

The registration fee will be EUR 90. The reduced registration fee for students will be EUR 45.

Registration and payment (35 euros) for the banquet can be done with the online form.

The confirmed invited lectures:
            H.-D. Alber   G. Allaire   G. Bertotti   D. Bigoni   Y. Brenier                                  
            M. Cicalese   C. Dafermos   G. Dal Maso   E. Feireisl   M. Fremond
            G. Goldstein   M. Grasselli   D. Knees   E. Lamballais   G. Lazzaroni
            I. Mayergoyz   A. Mielke   S. Neukamm   M. Peletier   N. Pugno
            F. Rindler   E. Rocca   T. Roubicek   G. Saccomandi   A. Schloemerkemper
            B. Straughan   M. Sugiyama
During the meeting, an ISIMM Senior Prize will be awarded to C. Dafermos and two Junior Prizes will be awarded to S. Neukamm and E. Rocca.
The scientific commitee :
            Augusto Visintin (Chair), Alain Miranville, Ulisse Stefanelli and Lev Truskinovsky.
The organization comitee:
            Alain Miranville (Chair), Laurence Cherfils, Julien Dambrine, Nicolas James, Madalina Petcu, Morgan Pierre, Philippe Rogeon, Germain Rousseaux