Nadir Matringe: publications et prépublications

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    à paraître dans Forum Math.

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  • Cuspidal representations of GL(n,F) distinguished by a maximal Levi subgroup, when F is a non archimedean local field.
    arXiv: arXiv:1207.3925 (2012).
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    We realised that the main result of this paper had been obtained in Proposition 1 of Hakim and Murnaghan's paper in Canad. Math. Bull. 45 (2002), no. 2, 220-230. Their proof is local-global, and uses the global analogue proved by Jacquet and Friedberg, whereas ours is local and more direct. Moreover, our method extends to generic representations, as shown in our paper "Linear and Shalika local periods for the mirabolic group, and some consequences".

  • Essential Whittaker functions for GL(n).
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    Erratum à l'article "Derivatives and asymptotics of Whittaker functions" ci-dessus

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