Assistant Professor (maître de conférences)

Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications, CNRS & Université de Poitiers (France)

Scientific computing, partial differential equations, fluid mechanics, ship waves, shape optimisation, medical imaging, matching problems


+33 (0) 549496912

Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications, Téléport 2 - BP 30179, 11 Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie, 86962 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex

My hobby !

Julien Dambrine's Homepage


J. Dambrine, M. Pierre, Regularity of Optimal Ship Forms Based on Michell's Wave Resistance, Applied Mathematics and Optimization, (2018) link

R. Chassagne, D. Obidegwu, J. Dambrine, C. MacBeth, Binary 4D sismic history matching, a metric study, Computers and Geosciences, (2016) link

J. Dambrine, M. Pierre, G. Rousseaux, A theoretical and numerical determination of optimal ship forms based on Michell's wave resistance, ESAIM: COCV, (2015) link

J. Dambrine, M. Colin, T. Colin Numerical simulations of wormlike micelles flows in microfluidic T-shaped junctions, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, (2014) link

J. Dambrine, M. Colin, T. Colin, Validity of the Reynolds equation for miscible fluids in microchannels, DCDS-B, (2012) link

J. Dambrine, N. Meunier, B. Maury, A. Roudneff-Chupin, A congestion model for cell migration, CPAA, (2012) link

J. Dambrine, J.-B. Salmon, Interdiffusion of liquids with different viscosities in a microchannel, New Journal of Physics, (2009) link

PhD Students

Clément Chesseboeuf, on Brain MRI diffeomorphic matching and texture segmentation, co-advised with Hermine Biermé, Rémy Guillevin and Carole Guillevin, since September 2014

Evi Noviani, on Shape optimisation for waves generated by a moving obstacle, co-advised with Morgan Pierre, since October 2014

Bayu Prihandono, on Mathematical models for ship hydrodynamics, co-advised with Madalina Petcu, since September 2016